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“Thank you for all your care and kindness in looking after Mrs A for so many years” (residents daughter)

“I am writing to thank you and your staff for the care and support you have given two of my clients. I visited R at Sholden Hall and I feel that you and your staff have done an amazing job in supporting this lady. I am pleased with the support that you have put in place for A who is due to come into Sholden Hall and it is clear that you have completed a person-centred assessment which acknowledges and supports his beliefs and values” (Care Manager)

“ To all of you who have helped me on my way. I didn’t really expect to see this birthday. Grateful thanks to all of you, all so kind and helpful at what you do. I’ve moved on a long way since the day I arrived. Some days I really didn’t want to survive, so thanks again to all you angels. Bless you all as you help so many others” (resident)

“ Many thanks for looking after my parents A and E. I am very grateful for all the kindness you’ve shown” (residents son)

"I cannot thank the staff enough for the care that my mother recieved during her last years whilst living at Sholden Hall. Her end of life care was carried out with love, dignity and with her families wishes carried out. As her family we were involved in every stage of her care and we were able to be with her until the end. The manager and staff made us feel at "home", we cannot thank you enough"  (residents family)